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  • Nicole Brown

#RidersConnected Special Podcast: My First 5*

Welcome to the first episode in our Riders Connected Specials.

The #RidersConnected campaign was launched a few months ago, bringing the Equestrian community together, look round this website for more information & use the #RidersConnected on social media to join in.

Over the next couple of months we will be talking to a number of top riders from all over the world and reliving some of their favourite eventing memories.

To get us started it is ‘My First 5*’ and we will be looking back at these riders memories of their first forays into the top of the sport.

Featuring Paul Tapner, Blyth Tait, Padraig McCarthy, Imogen Murray, Dom & Jimmie Schramm and Lucy Jackson.

We hope that you enjoy the show

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