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  • Nicole Brown

Carry On Competing!

Has anyone else been missing getting out in their lorry as much as DHI’s Heidi Woodhead? Have you taken your lorry for a spin around your fields too? Virtually joined by a whole host of fellow equestrian super stars, Heidi’s trip around DHI HQ quickly turned into a Social Media hit and we caught up with her to find out just how this viral video came about.

‘I actually did just feel the need to take the lorry for a drive into the field. It’s been a week of glorious Eventing weather (although we might now start to get worried about the firm ground!) and I have a daft sense of humour anyway so it escalated from there with the help of a few friends.’ Heidi explained.

‘I didn’t explain what the plan was, or what I was going to do with their contribution, so it’s amazing that anybody sent anything at all! In some cases I did a bit of remote directing - for example, I was on the phone to JP whilst he was being filmed & we used that clip, Ian, & Georgie Wood (who are based with us at the moment) helped me chase a few reluctant contributors - with the guarantee that we definitely wouldn’t make them look any more daft than me (I’m not sure if that was actually a comforting reassurance though!)

Initially, the plan was just going to be about parking the lorry, but it escalated into a general arrival at a Competition. A chat with my long-time pal Jackie followed & she offered to put it together for me. Handily Jackie has a brilliant production company - Cavewood Productions, who have filmed & edited programmes for various international competitions. More importantly however, Jackie has the same odd sense of humour that I have. I’m a fairly competitive person & don’t like to do anything by half measures, but I honestly wasn’t expecting the video to be so wide reaching (16,500 views & counting!). I think the popularity of it is that competitors can all relate to the story & generally, as horsey folk, we are quite good at laughing at ourselves & the strange rituals we go through in the name of our sport. It’s great to have put something out there that has made people giggle when frankly, we’re all feeling like we lack a bit of purpose. But it’s not forever & we will all no doubt be more appreciative of our friends, horses, sporting opportunities, amazing venues, volunteers ........ I could go on!! Thank you for watching, liking & sharing, & to everyone who got involved – remember #RidersConnected & we will all get through this together.’

It may have been a virtual lorry park but we love it, huge thanks to Heidi for sharing the story behind her brilliant video.

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