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During this time of uncertainty, it is important to remind ourselves that as Eventers we are a part of an amazing community that will get through this together. Though this incredible sport and our equine partners bring us joy every day, here are 5 moments that are sure to put a smile on your face. 1. Legally blind eventer chases her dreams Kyra Bryant, an adrenaline-seeking young Eventer, has not let the fact that she is legally blind get in the way of her chasing her dreams. After picking up riding as a toddler, it took Kyra some time to find her place in the sport. Her mother, Hayley, used an earpiece to help her navigate a show jump course, but after doing this several times in the hunter jumper circuit, many of her competitors complained that she was receiving unfair assistance. “Which is ironic,” Hayley told Heels Down Magazine.

This is when Kyra made the switch to Eventing and is loving every second of it. Her coach Sara Sellmer told Heels Down Magazine, “I don’t think I would have been able to get her where she is if she didn’t have the attitude she does. She’s extremely determined and brave.” It can be difficult for Kyra to identify what cross country fence is hers, especially when travelling at high speeds, but she combats this by walking her course five or six times so she knows it like the back of her hand. She truly embodies the fearlessness and determination that the sport of Eventing is all about.

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2. Imogen Murray shows the true meaning of relaxation You may remember this viral video which shut down Facebook in 2019. Imogen Murray and her mount Roheryn Ruby show the judges exactly what relaxation, obedience and focus looks like when a loose horse gallops through their arena several times during their test. Murray kept her cool and put down a beautiful performance despite all the traffic. I for one am going to show this to my horse next time he freaks out about a ‘haunted’ corner or gust of wind interrupting his dressage test.

3. The People’s Horse

When Jonty Evans needed help keeping the ride on his Olympic mount Cooley Rorkes Drift, he turned to the eventing family for help. The website raised £500,000 to keep this incredible partnership together. “There’s no point hiding it that it was a last-ditch attempt — I had approached people to buy chunks of him or all of him,” Jonty told Horse and Hound. “This was my last and final choice and I didn’t really think it could be done. The momentum in the first 24 or 48 hours was unreal, and I thought ‘Christ, can this happen?’” The “People’s Horse” went on to win the Belton 4*S, showing his 6800 ‘owners’ what he could do. After Jonty's fall in 2018 'Art' has played a huge part in his rehabilitation and the combination made their return to competition at National level in 2019.

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4. Barn cat walks like a show horse This internet sensation went viral 5 years ago after he picked up a few skills from the dressage horses in his barn. Personally, I would give him a 10 on gaits. Watch the video, I promise a good laugh!

5. Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony

Part of the #RidersConnected family 'Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony' charity was set up by Hannah herself in 2016 during her battle with Osteosarcoma. The charity now works to raise money for cancer research as well as to fulfill patients' equine related dreams. Since it's inception 'Berry' ponies have ridden around some of the biggest & best courses in the world.

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